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Stories from A Special Wish volunteers, families and more which are sure to warm your heart.

To Everyone at A Special Wish Foundation,
You will never know just how special our wish was for us. It could not have come at a more perfect time in our life. God uses all kinds of special people to be his angels and every single one of you are that to us. Thanks a million for all the millions of details you worked out.


We can't even begin to express how overwhelmed we were by your generosity. What a lovely kindness you show to children with serious illnesses. When our daughter was diagnosed with a life-threatening disorder, we didn't know how we would make it through this ordeal, but time and time again we have found ourselves blessed and supported with love and compassion from family, friends and organizations like yours.

Dave & Stephanie

A Special Wish Foundation is a kind of "oasis" for a child facing a life-threatening disorder, something positive and enjoyable to think about and plan for in the midst of a challenging and difficult journey. I have seen the children's joy in anticipation of a special wish, and also have seen the glow on the faces of the children and families as they relate the details of their memorable trips and wishes.


Our special wish was as close to over the rainbow as you can get!


The staff at Special Wish has always been so caring and concerned about the children and their family, and truly go the extra mile to ensure that wishes be fulfilled.


Your foundation provided a trip that was beyond our hopes and wishes. It was a chance to relax and enjoy each other without any worries. It has not happened before or since. For a glorious five days, we had not a care beyond what we would do to enjoy our time together. That, above all else, made it the most memorable event for our family. Everyone involved with A Special Wish Foundation are blessings to those of us in this situation.

Ian & Karen

I was simply overwhelmed at the generosity of the gift we had been given. It was too much.


A Special Wish Foundation deserves thanks and recognition for making such beautiful memories possible for families throughout our region. We will always be grateful for the gift of a few precious days in a magical place with our child - and we know that, in years to come, other families enduring the stresses of caring for seriously-ill children will also appreciate the same opportunity we were afforded. We extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the people of A Special Wish Foundation for kindness, for generosity and - most of all - for precious memories of our very special days with a wonderful, little girl who left us much too soon.

Lauren's Family

I think life, not just my life, but everyone's life, is MIND OVER MATTER! Kicking cancer's butt is a big job and someone's got to do it. And the most important tool I have, is believing, and that's what Special Wish did for me; they helped me believe. They showed me dreams do come true and I want them to help other kids feel the way they made me feel like I can do anything!


We will always remember the generosity and kindness shown to our family during this difficult time. The memories we have and share with one another are priceless. We will always be grateful.

Dennis and Hilda

Thank you for a magnificent trip. We will cherish these memories for all of our days.  God bless you and the entire Special Wish organization for the work that you do.

Hayden's Family