Custom Nike Shoes for Tristan!

What do Michael Jordan fans love most? Exciting basketball and ballin’ shoes. This is certainly true for 18-year old Tristan Plemons, who is a huge Michael Jordan fan. While rooting on a favorite athlete is typical for an 18-year old male, Tristan’s adolescence was far from typical. Tristan was diagnosed in this early teens with an extremely rare Germ Cell Tumor of the brain. Germ Cell Tumors represent only 3-5% of childhood brain tumors. While receiving treatment at Dayton Children’s hospital, Tristan’s family was introduced to A Special Wish Foundation- Dayton Chapter through a caseworker at the hospital. A Special Wish Foundation (ASW) is a local organization that grants wishes to children battling life-threatening illnesses.

Being a huge Michael Jordan fan, it was only fitting that a chance to create his own ballin’ shoes. Tristan chose to customize his shoes through Nike. Tristan’s mom, Rebecca, explains, “Well, he just loves Nike. He has a lot of shoes.”

Online, Tristan began the creation process through Nike by You. Nike by You is completed in three steps. First, Nike provides the canvas and tools for the creation process. Second, the designer creates his or her ideal shoe. Lastly, the personal Nike design arrives in 2-5 weeks. Tristan designed his shoe to be a blue-green color that changes shade based on lighting. Tristan was very happy to receive his shoes, but, A Special Wish Foundation did not stop there! ASW sent Tristan on a shopping spree as well. Rebecca shared, “The most memorable part of the experience for Tristan was the amount of things he received. He got a lot of things, including t-shirts.”

Many children in the Dayton and surrounding region are facing life-threatening battles, which bring uncertainty, fear, and pain. A Special Wish Foundation gives these children an opportunity to forget about the battles for a little while and just enjoy being kids. Rebecca talked about her family’s experience with ASW: “I think it’s a great thing. He’s collected things from other kids’ wishes too. Keep doing what you’re doing.” A Special Wish Foundation made such an impact on Tristan’s life that he is even hoping to “work for an organization that helps people like Special Wish” according to his mom.

Please join ASW today by making a donation ( and help grant the Special Wish of a local child battling for their life. All funds raised stay here in the Dayton Region benefiting local children.

A Special Wish Foundation-Dayton is the only wish granting organization located in the Dayton region and has been making special wishes come true since 1983. For more information on how you can be a part of granting a local child’s wish, please visit or call 937-223-WISH (9474).